SFP port not compatible with Transceiver module

So that just happened to me yesterday! let’s talk about it!

We had to connect one EX4200 switch to another EX4200 switch via the SFP port.

Now as you may know, the EX4200 had a 10gig SFP port , and we only had a 1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver module (FTRJ1319P1BTL) . pluging that transceiver into the SFP port , but the port does not go up , no light , and when showing the interface we receive the following error: ‘device not found’ .

So, the temporary solution was, is to change the operating mode of the SFP port, using the following command:

# set chassis fpc 0 pic 1 sfpplus pic-mode 1g


The-End 🙂


Configuring OTP SafeNet access in MAG device

First of all, There should two servers, SafeNet & LDAP/Radius server which is including all usernames and passwords. And SafeNet server should be configured to establish sync with LDAP/Radius server in order to pull out all usernames/password.

Second, check with which ports OTP is listening:


Now we should activate the username who’s going to establish the VPN connection via OTP .



Now we need to type the activation code received by the application:

4 >> 5 >> 6 >> 7


Now this is how to configure the OTP connection in the MAG:



  • The shared secret is what you determine in the OTP server settings, e.g SafeNet


Now you configure realm with correct authentication methods:


And all other roles and page policies …