commit failed error

So you’re having a ‘commit failed’ error whenever you’re issuing the commit command in your SRX device


And you have trying everything you know to troubleshoot this problem, such as:

  • rebooting the device
  • issuing the ‘request system storage cleanup’ command
  • issuing the ‘commit full’ hidden command

Here I give another solution that might be helpful for you:

While connected via console:

1. show configuration | no-more | save current-config (I’d also recommend to take a local backup to your workstation as well, just in case)

2. start shell user root

3. cd /config

4. rm -f juniper.conf+

5. exit from shell

6. enter configuration mode and do a ‘load override current-config’ & commit


SRX Clustering primary\lost

Many of you came across configuring cluster in SRX firewall and got lost after they tried almost everything but they still stuck in “primary\lost” mode .

A lot of engineers are not aware of one important thing which is “cabling arrangement” . And this issue is the most of all “primary\lost” issues !!

So this table will show you where to put fxp0-1 and fab links in every node in cluster


Also you can use SRX HA Configuration Generator tool. It will help you build the best HA  configuration .

You also want to consider interfaces numbering when it comes to configure fab link. Take a look at this table :