PulseSecure-Generate report about who logged with VPN in a certain period

In new versions such as 8.2R4 , you can easily export it under a new tab that has been added called “Reports”


In versions 8 and below there is a need to run a filter with query :

Goto System> Log/Monitoring > User Access > Filters.
Create New Filter.
Start Date: (Select Month, Date, Year)
End Date: (Select Month, Date, Year)
Save changes.

NOTE: Select start date and end date as per your requirement.

Then navigate to System> Log/Monitoring > User Access > Log.
View by Filter: (Please select the new filter which you created)
Edit Query: (Please enter the below ID’s as per your requirement)

id=’AUT24326′ (To find the Users authentication successful)
id=’NWC23464′ (To fine the VPN tunneling session started )
id=’NWC23465′ (To fine the VPN tunneling session ended )


Click on Update .

Note: in ‘start date” you well see the year which the corrent version has been released. which means if we’re in 2016 and you still using version 7.4R8 you can start only from 2014 , and you can’t start from 2016 . In such cases you need to upgrade the device. As a workaround and I’m not sure if it will work , you can change the date maually X-years foward : (System –> Status –> Overview –> “System Date & Time” –> click “Edit” –> Time Source –> ” Set Time Manually”).


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