Contemporary temperature measurement in Junos

In order to contemporary measure temprature on junos device , you’ll need to send specific SNMP traps to the SNMP clients configured on the junos device . In this article I’ll take EX switch 12.3R9 as an example.

First, configure the SNMP client/s and other configurations related to our situation:

set snmp client-list SNMP-RO
set snmp community TEST-ro authorization read-only
set snmp community TEST-ro client-list-name SNMP-RO
set snmp trap-options source-address
set snmp trap-group TEST-ro version v2

While is the server which is pulling out this traps, e.g : PRTG

You need to know which temprature you need to pull. So run the command: show chassis environment on the EX switch:


Now, you need to find the related OID for this temprature, follow KB17526 to find this out. You’ll see it is : jnxOperatingTemp . and it is

So run this command on switch to find the full OID of the specific FPC / sensor :

sh sn mib walk


So you’ll need to run on the SNMP server (for example PRTG server) the following OID: in order to get contemporary temprature on FPC 0 Sensor CPU Die Temp

Note: There is no specific values as timeout. The moment when the command is issued the temperature output are collected from the device when the help of sensors.


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