Juniper quick stop/start interface

There are several methods, pick the most appropriate:

1/ on M/T/MX – If you have 1GE copper with autoneg enabled , then


test interface ge-x/y/z restart-auto-negotiation


2/ on any JUNOS platform (example below for 10GE interface, substitute for your interface name):


start shell user root
ifconfig xe-y/z/w down
ifconfig xe-y/z/w up

WARNING – if You abort command sequence after “ifconfig .. down” and forget to bring interface up in shell, then Your interface will display   as & stay DOWN in JUNOS CLI printouts and MIB without apparent reason.


3/ in PFE shell, works for 10 GE XFP:


start shell pfe network fpc<number>
show xfp list
test xfp <index> laser off
test xfp <index> laser on

IMPORTANT: XFP index begins from 1, not 0. Hence, XFP in port xe-0/0/0 will have index 1 locally in FPC 0 shell.




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