Basic Dynamic-VPN troubleshooting commands

1- Setup the traceoptions

# set security ike traceoptions file ike-debug

# set security ike traceoptions flag all

# set security ipsec traceoptions flag all

# commit

# run clear log ike-debug

2- Now try to connect and run this show command 

# run show log ike-debug | match ike


Clearing the Token Info

1- run the shell, and execute this command :

admin@Abed> start shell

% rm -rf /var/db/dynamic-vpn-ipsec/tokens-info

% cli

2- Now, restart the web-management

admin@Abed> restart web-management

Web management gatekeeper process started, pid 8500


# set system processes general-authentication-service traceoptions flag all


> show log authd


restart ipsec-key-management


clear security dynamic-vpn ? << all/user >>


I recomment those three websites !

Good Luck 🙂

By: Abed AL-R. Bishara


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