Basic Dynamic-VPN show commands

show security dynamic-vpn users

User: abedtest , Number of connections: 1
Remote IP:
IPSEC VPN: wizard_dyn_vpn
IKE gateway: gw_wizard_dyn_vpn
IKE ID : abedtestmokedbs
IKE Lifetime: 28800
IPSEC Lifetime: 3600

show security ike security-associations

Index State Initiator cookie Responder cookie Mode Remote Address
2047088 UP 1933a02951bcf3c2 73322924735b6b39 Aggressive

show security ipsec security-associations

Total active tunnels: 1
ID Algorithm SPI Life:sec/kb Mon lsys Port Gateway
<268173316 ESP:3des/sha1 1c4c3cbd 3465/ 500000 – root 49424
>268173316 ESP:3des/sha1 ae69a74d 3465/ 500000 – root 49424

show security ike active-peer

Remote Address Port Peer IKE-ID XAUTH username Assigned IP 49424 abedtestmokedbs abedtest

Good Luck 🙂

By: Abed AL-R. Bishara


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